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Event Cancellation Notice: Czech Republic Business Expo 2017

After making a difficult decision, the organizers of the Czech Republic Business Expo 2017 are forced to inform their business partners and other people interested in the fair that the event will not be held this year.


The planned Czech Republic Business Expo 2017 trade fair has gained full support of many significant government representatives and institutions and has enjoyed a positive attitude of foreign embassies and chambers of commerce and industry. The cancellation of the trade fair or rather its postponing (the date will be specified) is caused especially by the lack of interest of Czech companies to participate in the fair as exhibitors. The reasons for this lack of interest are usually the financial and personnel demands of the preparatory activities for the participation in the trade fair and the budget responsibility of the companies, which according to their own words found out about the trade fair too late – i.e. after the closing of marketing budgets in the current year. On the contrary, the interest of foreign chambers of commerce and industry to participate in the fair was very high and thanks to this fact we are able to establish a long-term cooperation.

“We tried to suggest various alternatives to comply with wishes of businessmen and companies, but we would not be able to present the trade fair of such an extent and such a varied and interesting composition of the exhibitors as we resolved. So, I think it would be better for all participants to devote more time to the trade fair and postpone it, ” says Business Director of 2K Consulting s.r.o. company Mr. Radek Kubíček.

Director of Czech Business Expo 2017 trade fair Ms. Ivana Tilkeridu, then adds: “It was not a simple decision, because we were devoting lots of time, energy and financial resources to the preparation of the trade fair. However, postponing of the Czech Republic Business Expo does not mean that the work of our team was wasted. On the contrary, we plan several smaller events for those delegations who have promised an active participation in the trade fair. ”

Within the Czech Republic Product project, we offer to foreign embassies, chambers of commerce and industry and other organizations a few days’ custom-made programme created depending on the composition and business interests of the participants. As part of these incoming business trips, we offer a seminar on the business opportunities of a particular destination including B2B meetings with Czech businessmen or meetings with representatives of foreign committees of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, representatives of the Czech Chamber of Commerce or the Union of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic. The main focus of our offer for delegations is excursions to manufacturing companies in the regions – for example in the area of engineering, construction, food industry, brewing.

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